Before you ask, the oracle is believing (2023) 

Water twice
José Domingo Martínez R.

Jing: Well - Ge: Renewal. Elsewhere: Shedding skin.

I immerse myself in the well, in the mud. I have my own theory, the theory of the swamp: Jing, then Ge. Crystal clear, isn't it? You go into the well, you change, you come out. But you really change:

The nobleman changes his coat like a panther, the vulgar man only renews the expression of his face.

And as they said elsewhere:

Today I bathe you with water, but another comes who will bathe you with pneuma-and elsewhere: who will bathe you with pneuma and fire!

As in the saunas of the city that sat on the marsh. Let us return:

Upon the wood there is water, time from the well.

Proprietary! Time to enter. Into the well.

I dive in, like Wim Hof in his ice water baths-this is one breathing session, relax deeply, lie down, lie down, sit down, whatever it takes, relax, are you ready, let's go there now...-Cold muddy water:

The water in the well is muddy and undrinkable. Not even the birds will go near such an old well.

I clarify: the vilest animals: they don't even come close: if they are there, they don't stay: they flee:

Through a hole in the well the fishes want to flee, as if it were an old and worn jar.

I am an old and worn-out jar. That's why I plunged into the well, and mud fills my cracks:
Line your well with brick, and you'll never go astray.

Over the wood there's water, time from the well, A little plank came loose, and now it floats to drop my own coins:


Kun: Enclose. Although elsewhere: Exhaustion:

The prognosis is fortunate-but only!-for important people.
There will be no misfortune-if I am important? renewing my noble panther fur?
He has something to say-yes!
but he will not be believed-no!

Only one line, the fourth:

He comes very, very slowly, since he is locked in a metal carriage. Although humiliating, this situation will have a good ending.

Xi Kan: Duplicate pit. Elsewhere: Abiding abyss. Water on water, water twice:

The abiding abyss is all danger through danger-layers upon layers of danger.
Water pours into it, but it's never filled-your well is never filled, the water won't take you all the way to the top to get out, you're like the little board that got loose.
Can you inhabit the danger without losing your sincerity-can you let that infected mud clog your cracks without getting sick-can you transform, change your coat?

Follow the seasons of danger, and you'll grow vast, so utterly vast indeed!

Let your breathing return to normal.
Move your body little by little
Start with your fingers
And your toes
Thank you for your time.


All this was told to me by a rabbit, who claimed to have lived many years.