From the affection between pipes and roots

At night, one day, hot water on its way to the bathroom began to seep through a tiny hole between the wall and the floor.

Hours later the curiosity arose to look inside the small crack where a quiet toad decided to enjoy the warm liquid. I took it out of its new little space, left it outside and never saw it again. The pipe was repaired, there was no more steam or hole.

But I have no doubt, another rendezvous point will soon reveal itself.

In the underworld of an old house the rough pipes wait for the roots, while they lurk in search of this promising encounter. Sometimes it materializes, sometimes not so much, either by fate or by the exercise of power. But since time does not exist for them, they continue to search for each other, leaving traces that reveal an infinite attempt at communion.

"Time is irrelevant: the union can occur with something past, present, or with something that foresees. That "something" can be anything and be anywhere.
But you always unreservedly unite with it because you love it and want to be by its side, so you (don't) rush to meet it, letting your limitations vanish, abolishing all the laws your body obeys and serenely turning away from them."(1)

It can't be anything other than affection that leads to progress on this stripped path.

Everything is an assumption since the relationship is secret. Looking at the walls, the floor, even the ceiling, we witness events that seem to be immaterial and perhaps only in the absolute silence could we anticipate, the soft creeping of the furious roots is imperceptible and unfortunately only revealed by time, our volatile time, which will take everything away.

I tried many times to listen to ground and walls where the secret unfolds beyond the limit of light, but I distinguish nothing from this stealthy and unconditional pursuit. The silence of the walls hide a strange system of intervention, which perhaps omnipresently aspires our carelessness.

"However, mystery and manifestations spring from the same source. This source is called darkness" (2)

1. A Course in Miracles
2.     The tao of grace.